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Reading: Taste of Multidisciplinary Research


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Taste of Multidisciplinary Research


D.A.M. De Silva

Department of Agribusiness Management, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, P.O. Box 02, Belihuloya., LK
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Volume 14, Issue 1, of the Sabaragamuwa University Journal bring wide array of articles for the multidisciplinary readership beyond the national boundaries. The brief summary of the content provide the insights of the journal and the current issue composed of an articles from sciences to management and languages.

Current issue beings with an article on Olympisum education programme and its contribution to resolve the conflicts of primary education. The second in line discussed on meat quality of different strains of poultry farmed in various conditions. Third article focused on the efficiency of applying the principal of Rasa in formulating the television commercials. Coastal land use systems, users, conflicts and its impacts discussed in fourth article. Interestingly fifth article devoted to the English literature and cater to the demands of the readership. Final article brings readers to the different area, open innovation and its applications in fish and seafood industry.

Special thanks goes to the reviewers generously volunteer their time and intellectual energy to provide critiques of manuscripts that serve the critical function of enhancing the quality of journal. Finally, my special thanks goes to the people who work behind the scene, especially, Mr. Prasad C. Iddamalgoda and administration staff for their generous support.

How to Cite: De Silva, D.A.M., 2015. Taste of Multidisciplinary Research. Sabaragamuwa University Journal, 14(1). DOI:
Published on 01 May 2015.


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